Insane Overwatch Tracer rollout is perfect for flanking on Dorado

Lauren Bergin
overwatch tracer on dorado background

Overwatch’s resident time jumper, Tracer, is the game’s speediest DPS, but this new rollout will help you zip behind the enemy lines and tear your opponents down on Dorado.

Of all Overwatch’s gun-touting DPS characters, poster-child Tracer has etched herself into the hearts of the game’s fanbase.

Recently gifted a brand new skin courtesy of the 2022 iteration of the Lunar Event, players have been diving back into game to flex on the competition as the fiesty English heroine.

Following a series of rollouts across maps like Eichenwalde, one player has discovered the perfect flank on Mexico-based hamlet, Dorado, and it’s perfect for getting the drop on unsuspecting defenders.

overwatch 2 tracer close up
Tracer may be one of Overwatch’s most beloved characters, but she can be deadly in the right hands.

Overwatch Tracer rollout on Dorado is the perfect flank

Dorado is a map that feels almost as though it was built for skirmisher-type heroes, and Tracer is no exception. With a thousand nooks and crannies to hide in or, alternatively, retreat to, the Latin town is the Englishwoman’s paradise.

One player has devised the perfect rollout to ensure that you net yourself some sweet, sweet kills on Attack. Coming out of spawn, Tracer proceeds to shatter a cactus (the first of many unfortunate victims) then use the plant pot to blink onto the nearby roof.

From here, she jumps off of the roof, over the wall, and into the central square where the fountain is located, right in the corner of point A where she’s in a brilliant flank position.

Writing that a “new Tracer rollout [has been] unlocked,” this sneaky little series of dashes is perfect for taking your enemies by surprise.

So, if you’re on Dorado and trust your team to stay alive while you execute this little maneuver, this could easily net you some well-deserved kills – especially if you Pulse Bomb into the backline and Recall back into the shadows.

Trust us when we say they’ll never see this one coming, well, not until it’s too late!

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