Insane Overwatch Tracer Eichenwalde trick is so rage-inducing it’s brilliant

overwatch tracer on eichenwaldeBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Tracer can already be a nightmare to play against on the battlefield, but this clever flank on Eichenwalde makes her even more of a menace.

While Overwatch’s poster-child Tracer may bowl you over with her charming personality and unwavering moral conscious, she can be an absolute nightmare to play against.

With the ability to zip through time in an instant and tear through enemy teams with her sticky Pulse Bomb, England’s heroine extraordinaire can be incredibly powerful in the right hands.

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To add even more firepower to her ever-expanding collection of tricks, one player has devised the perfect flank on Eichenwalde that will leave players defending Point A completely baffled as to what  just happened.

overwatch tracer salutes camera in cutsceneActivision Blizzard
A good Tracer player literally is the calvary on Attack.

Overwatch Tracer Eichenwalde flank baffles enemies

A lot of times you need eyes in the back of your head to keep up with Britain’s speedster extraordinaire, but it turns out that on Eichenwalde you’ll need to be doubly careful.

Using the mangled remains of the tank just outside of Attacker spawn, the Tracer player Blinks across to the stairwell opposite the hunk of junk. Using a series of Blinks, she then ends up on one of the town’s ruined parapets, where another trio of Blinks get her up onto the roof.

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From here, she then drops down onto Point A, which would likely be crowded with enemies. In the perfect position for blowing up an enemy with Pulse Bomb, or emptying a few Pulse Pistol rounds into them, she retreats back up to the roof with Recall, seemingly vanishing into thin air.

There are a couple of nuances to making this chain work, though, as ArcaniummGaming notes that “to maximize your hover time to regain Blink you need to let yourself slide off the roof until you hit this open space in the roof, and use your blink at the right time to increase the hover period.”

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While it’s clear this trick requires a bit of practice to get right, taking down your enemies from the skies and dodging out to safety is a pretty good trade.

Plus, let’s be honest, it’s worth it just to know that your unfortunate victim likely flipped their keyboard.

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