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Overwatch players demand fix for bug robbing them of SR

Published: 10/Nov/2020 18:48

by Michael Gwilliam


A brutal SR bug has been ruining Overwatch’s ranked mode for a long time, and players are calling on Blizzard to finally fix the problem.

The bug occurs when players leave a match after someone else from their team has already done so. When someone leaves, the game will begin a short countdown. After the countdown finishes, if the original leaver hasn’t returned, the game lets you quit without being suspended from ranked play.

While this may seem good on paper, because no one likes playing out the rest of a game down a man, the problem arises in the following match. According to players, if you end up winning your next match after leaving, you will gain very little SR.


Normally, winning a match can net you around 25 SR, so to only see your rank increase by three or five is very disheartening, especially when most ranks have 500 SR of separation.

Platinum Brigitte in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
This bug can be brutal for players close to ranking up.

Discussion about the bug began on Reddit in a post titled: “End match if more than 50% of the players leave for 2 minutes.”

User spasmodic1, who didn’t know about the SR bug, was wondering why the game was allowed to continue if only one person from a team refused to leave.

“That stupid bug that makes you get an SR penalty the next game even if you leave after it says that you’re allowed to is still a problem,” explained nattfjaril8. “I would leave if I could, I don’t particularly enjoy being stuck in an unwinnable game either.”


Genji dashes
Blizzard Entertainment
Winning a match should earn you way more than 3 SR.

Others even stated that the bug has been around since 2017, meaning that in three years, Blizzard hasn’t fixed it.

“This bug indeed STILL exists and has existed for years. If you leave and win your next game, you’ll get 1-5 SR,” a user complained.

Hopefully, with so many people fed up with the bug, Blizzard can finally implement some sort of fix especially with Overwatch 2 still on the horizon.