How to test out Overwatch 2 hero and PVP gameplay changes right now

Tracer Overwatch 2 hero changes in workshopBlizzard/Zenofy Media

Overwatch players not wanting to wait for a beta to test out all the new changes coming in Overwatch 2 can do so right now and it’s extremely easy to do so.

Just like any proper sequel, Overwatch 2 is changing up the game completely bringing in new abilities, passives, maps, heroes and more. Not to mention the biggest change of the bunch: 5v5 gameplay.

While new maps, heroes and modes may not be possible to test out, players have found a way to give all of the existing heroes their Overwatch 2 changes and let others give them a go in a proper 5v5 setting.

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The big thing about Overwatch with only five players on each team is how much more powerful a lot of the tanks feel. With decreased knockback, feeding less ultimate charge and a faster cooldown for some abilities, they’re a lot more of a threat.

Reinhardt Overwatch 2 designBlizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt is getting big changes in Overwatch 2.

Using the Workshop code Y4AY9, anyone on any system can test things out for themselves with all the updates being replicated to mimic the Overwatch PVP stream back on May 20.

Some of the big changes include Reinhardt having two Firestrikes along with a cancelable charge, D.Va getting more Defense Matrix, Zarya with two barriers stored on a shared cooldown, Mei no longer freezing enemies and more.

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Plus, it also includes the new role passives. For instance, all of the DPS heroes have a faster movement speed and the supports will regenerate health over time.

It should be noted that there will be more hero changes coming to Overwatch 2 that haven’t been announced yet. Some heroes, such as Orisa and Sigma, still have to be tuned to better fit the Overwatch 2 gameplay.

Others such as Bastion have had their Overwatch 2 reworks teased, but we have yet to see them in action. Still, it’s clear that the sequel is taking a fresh approach to how it deals with the roster in this brave new world.

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If you can get nine others to test out the sequel changes, be sure to give it a shot. If you were on the fence about 5v5, this may just change your mind.