All Overwatch 2 tank changes confirmed during PvP stream

Blizzard Entertainment

During the Overwatch 2 multiplayer stream, Overwatch’s developers revealed various changes to the game’s tanks that have been confirmed to be in development. These include changes to Zarya, Reinhardt, and Winston.

As Overwatch 2 hype continues to build, the game appears to be getting some intriguing reworks. After debuting in May 2016, the Blizzard Entertainment title has already been iterated upon numerous times — and that continues in the upcoming sequel, especially among tanks.

After Overwatch originally moved to role locks, limiting six-player teams to two of each role, the game will be shifting, again, to five players per team and only one tank. Included in that change will be changes to the game’s current tanks.

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Three specific changes were revealed during the PvP (player-vs-player) live stream, bringing tweaks to Zarya, Reinhardt, and Winston. Additionally, devs teased changes to the game’s other tanks as well.

Overwatch 2 tank confirmed changes: Zarya, Reinhardt, Winston

Likely the most exciting tank adjustment comes with Winston, who will now receive an alternate fire that allows the tank to charge a blast that he can shoot at range. This adds a sharply contrasting functionality to Winston’s kit, as the hero is currently solely suited to close-quarters combat.

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As for the other popular main tank, Reinhardt, the sole change revealed thus far is a simple, albeit useful tweak: he will now be allowed to cancel his Charge ability. This should help Rein players abort ill-advised decisions.

Interestingly, Zarya is also getting a light adjustment: like her April Fool’s buff, the hero will now be able to use both bubbles more flexibly — either on herself or on teammates.

Other Overwatch 2 tank changes: Orisa, Roadhog

Orisa Lunar new year skinBlizzard Entertainment
Orisa is one of the most complained about tanks in Overwatch, but maybe she won’t be in OW2.

During the stream, developers also teased additional changes coming to tanks in the game. The team (perhaps unsurprisingly) explained that Orisa isn’t currently playable in their OW2 build because she is in the midst of a major rework.

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As for Roadhog, it was mentioned that the off-tank’s faster hook may return to the fold.

Right now, those are all of the tank changes confirmed or teased for OW2. With the game continuing to be iterated upon, it is likely that more tank changes will be announced — including possible adjustments to the abilities already revealed.

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