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Overwatch 2 fans find possible new Orisa ability in cinematic

Published: 29/May/2021 0:00 Updated: 29/May/2021 0:01

by Bill Cooney


Orisa is one of the Tank heroes we still don’t know much of anything about when it comes to her changes for Overwatch 2, but some fans think one answer could be in Reinhardt’s “Honor and Glory” cinematic.

Honor and Glory debuted at BlizzCon 2017 and besides being an absolute tear-jerker, it also has an interesting appearance by some OR-15s, the same model Omnic as Orisa.

Orisa has become a go-to shield tank in Overwatch, but we know next to nothing about how she’ll play in the sequel, since according to developers she’s undergoing a massive rework as her current build is unplayable in Overwatch 2.


Devs have also said they intend every tank to be more of a “brawler” with the new 5v5 format, which will only feature one of the high-health heroes. Obviously Orisa doesn’t exactly fit the definition of a brawler who can hold her own, but some fans think Honor and Glory could include a hint at how she could turn into one.

Orisa Deathblade content starts at 2:30 for mobile viewers.

In the video, an OR-15 drops out of the sky and deploys a deadly-looking blade that we haven’t seen appear at all in Overwatch since. But some fans think it could be perfect for her solo spotlight in the sequel.


“Orisa isn’t built to be a brawler,” Reddit user empathybox said, quoting the dev’s comments on her during the PvP livestream. “Orisas know what is owed to them in Overwatch 2.”

Along with that simple statement they posted four screenshots from the cinematic, two of the energy sword like we’ve discussed, and two more of the OR-15 climbing and jumping into the air — both things Orisa can’t do currently (at least not exceptionally).

More mobility, a movement ability, and a powerful melee would do a lot to make Orisa more of a “brawler” as devs have said, but what exactly will get added in her rework remains to be seen.


"Orisa isn’t built to be a brawler." Orisas know what is owed to them in OW2. from Overwatch

What we do know is that it’s already possible to give Orisa an energy sword in Overwatch right now, thanks to some tinkering in the Workshop by Therister.

In the clip below Orisa has been given a blade that honestly doesn’t look too bad, and when mixed with similar movement and damage from Genji’s Swift Strike ability, we could honestly see it being a viable move for her in the future.

Whether Orisa will get a glowing Thunderfury-like blade or Genji-inspired movement abilities in Overwatch 2 is ultimately up to the devs, but just looking at Blizzard’s own content from the past could be all the inspiration they need.