How to pull off high-flying Overwatch flanks with new Doomfist trick

Brad Norton
Overwatch Doomfist Rocket Punch

[jwplayer aOrpSmF8]Doomfist is already one of the most mobile heroes in Overwatch, but a new trick allows the Nigerian damage dealer to reach high ground easier than ever before.

Few heroes in Overwatch are capable of moving around the map quite like Doomfist. While some can fly and others can climb to new vantage points, Doomfist can rapidly close the distance on any given target. Whether it’s his Seismic Slam or his Rocket Punch, he can get out of a rough position in an instant.

More experienced players have uncovered cheeky techniques that allow for more devastating plays. While he’s been a member of the Overwatch lineup for three years, more discoveries are still being made.

The latest trick allows Doomfist to use his competition to gain the upper hand, quite literally. Rather than slamming into an enemy for quick damage, it turns out that opposing heroes can be used for your own movement instead.

When charging your Rocket Punch ability as Doomfist you now have a few options. If your opponent is weak and a single hit would finish them off, going for the kill would be wise. However, if they’re surrounded by Supports and one touch won’t be enough, they can still be used to your advantage.

Simply jump before your punch animation starts, and the damage will be completely ignored. The targeted opponent won’t be hit, their position won’t change, and no damage will be applied. Why would anyone choose to do this? Well, Doomfist can actually use this trick to launch himself into the sky.

Enemies can be used as launching pads if you time things just right. Colliding with their hitbox will send you sky-high, allowing for a quick reposition. Whether you want to Seismic Slam back down to the ground, or just reach new high ground, the possibilities are there.

It can be great for getting yourself out of trouble too. If enemies are swarming around you, all hope isn’t quite lost. One use of the trick and you could quickly escape to safety.

Overwatch DPS heroes on Kings Row
Doomfist can surprisingly use enemy heroes as bounce pads, though the trick won’t work on allies.

Given how niche the technique is, it would be advisable to test out the timing for yourself in a custom game. Once you’ve got it down-pat, you might be able to surprise your enemies with this neat Doomfist tech.

While no new heroes have been added since Echo in March, new tactics have been keeping things fresh for an assortment of heroes. Reinhardt mains can benefit from this handy detail and Wrecking Ball players should stay wary of this game-saving maneuver

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