Overwatch 2 player show how to win 1v1s using clever hitbox trick

hanzo firing bow in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Players are always finding ways to make Overwatch 2 more competitive and even more diverse to play. This is the case with a slick hitbox trick that could give you the advantage in a 1v1.

Handy tips and tricks can always make a huge difference when it comes to any game – especially Overwatch 2. In recent weeks, players have discovered how to make Soldier 76’s ultimate even more deadly, a trick that was a shock to many.

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Now, information has been shared that could change your approach to 1v1 scenarios. It applies to a whole bunch of Heroes and could not only save your life in a desperate encounter but also tip you over the edge and help you grab the kill.

Overwatch 2 hitbox technique could be the difference

Reddit user JackDuals recently shared their experience with the Overwatch 2 subreddit about how they were able to win a “Widow 1v1 with Hitbox Manipulation.”

The player, using Hanzo, found themself facing off in a narrow 1v1 with an opposing Widowmaker. Hanzo was getting off many threatening arrows, whereas Widowmaker was naturally charging up her Sniper Rifle and looking for that one-shot game-changer.

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The OP eventually got the better of the exchange, but in a replay, they showed how they narrowly escaped disaster. In between firing arrows, the player was quickly turning Hanzo to his side, and what this was doing was utilizing Hanzo’s hitbox to make themself a smaller target to hit, subsequently resulting in some extremely close near-misses for Widowmaker.

“Props for the second perspective. I’ve seen Argye do this and was skeptical of how well it works, but you can see she was going to kill you otherwise! Good stuff,” said the top comment on the post.

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Another user also added: “As a Bap[tiste] main, I typically don’t try engagements with snipers but when I do I use this tech[nique. I’ll look down to avoid getting headshotted when I’m jumping and it works against most snipers I engage. (I’m Diamond 4 so I don’t know how valid my take is but thought id say lol)”

While the strategy isn’t intuitive, it looks like it might be effective if employed skillfully. It could be used to overcome dangerous players – ones who use Mei to dominate games.

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