Secret Overwatch hiding spot makes Reaper unstoppable on Hanamura

Brad Norton
Reaper Overwatch teleporting Hanamura

Reaper is known for his stealthy flanks and surprising bursts of damage in Overwatch, but a cheeky new hiding spot on Hanamura might just be his most powerful tactic ever.

As players have grown familiar with the many different maps in Overwatch, hiding spots have become less effective. There’s only so many times than an opposing team will fall for a particular flank or a certain angle. It’s crucial to mix things up from time to time but splitting off from your team is a rare tactic these days.

Very few heroes are able to flank, deal damage, and make it back to the safety of their Supports. Reaper is one such hero that’s able to get away with the pesky playstyle at times. Sitting in uncommon positions and attacking the enemy from a new angle can all but shut down an attack.

A newly discovered spot on Hanamura allows Reaper to surprise an opposing team better than ever. Not only can you hide without fear of being caught, but it also makes you totally invulnerable for a period of time.

When defending on Hanamura, there’s an absurdly powerful spot that Reaper can teleport to. Once the first point has been lost, the hero can hide directly inside of a staircase. It can be found upon turning right and looking down as soon as you leave the first area.

Rather than falling back to defend the second objective, a quick use of Reaper’s Shadow Step can have him hiding under the map. From here, no damage can come through the surface to harm you, but all of your damage appears to go through.

It’s an incredibly broken spot and Reaper is even able to simply walk right out as soon as he’s ready to leave. This could easily pave the way for extremely unfair attacks in the heat of the moment.

As enemies push together, Reaper can emerge from behind them with his Death Blossom at the ready. Timing everything just right for a potential team wipe on unsuspecting foes.

Overwatch Hanamura in-game picture
By teleporting through the stairs on the left, Reaper can hide and ignore all incoming damage.

To make matters worse, Reaper is the only character able to exploit this chunk of the map. Not even Symmetra’s teleporter is able to squeeze through the tiny crack in the concrete.

Given just how powerful the spot will be in competitive games, a fix is likely on the way soon. Blizzard is yet to address the issue, however. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for more flanks than usual when you next visit Hanamura.