Marvel Rivals lets you kill teammates with this classic Overwatch trick

Michelle Cornelia
Marvel Rivals Xbox header

Thanks to this particular ability in Marvel Rivals, it’s all possible for players to lead their teammates to their death, just like how it was in Overwatch’s early days.

If you’ve been playing Overwatch since its early days, then it’s likely that you’ve learned a lesson not to trust Symmetra’s teleporter. Before Symmetra’s rework, the hero’s teleporter was linked to your spawn, and it could be placed anywhere on the map.

With that in mind, some players would use the opportunity to place her teleporter all the way right beside a cliff on purpose. This act was often followed up by unsuspecting teammates taking the teleporter from spawn, hoping they would get to the point quicker. But alas, instead of that, they’d end up falling to their death.

While that’s no longer the case in Overwatch 2, given her teleport’s range and duration, it’s possible to relive the experience in Marvel Rivals, thanks to Doctor Strange’s ability. Twitch streamer GURU showed how it’s done in a clip posted on X.

“Everyone take TP,” he said before heading out from spawn. Using Doctor Strange’s ability, he was able to place a portal for others to use. 

As seen in the clip, the game lets you reposition the other portal without moving your character, and the streamer ended up placing it in a particular spot off-limits on the map. It didn’t take too long for others to jump in and end up falling to their death.

“Actually game breaking tp strat in @MarvelRivals,” he wrote. Others who flocked in the comments were instantly reminded of “OG” Symmetra in Overwatch.

“Symmettra who?” asked one user.

“Omg flashback to Symm ult with the tp. My best friend did this s*** to us ALL the time and when he did, he did the sit emote for her and watched it happen. We all went off the cliff like Wile E Coyote,” mentioned another user.

“OLD SYMM FEELING,” a third chimed in. Ultimately, the comments led to one person insisting on “never trusting a Strange.”

Doctor Strange’s portal in Marvel Rivals actually shows you where you’ll be headed, unlike Symmetra’s teleporter in Overwatch. So, at least, once players are more familiar with the game and maps, they should be able to tell whether or not it’d be safe to use.