Genji’s new Winter Wonderland skin is giving Overwatch players perfect aim

Genji's new Winter Wonderland skin is giving Overwatch players perfect aimActivision Blizzard

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is back and this year it brought a brand-new Genji skin that is making it easy for players to aim.

The Winter Wonderland update is Overwatch’s in-game event that celebrates the holiday season through snowy map designs, hero skins, and more.

While Blizzard finally gave D.Va her own skin to commemorate the holiday season, players may want to get their hand on the new Genji skin as it’s making the hero easier.

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Overwatch fans find helpful feature on Genji Winter Wonderland skin

Genji received a new skin called Ice Wraith, which took the ninja’s look and turned down its temperature.

While the design looks really cool, this Reddit post by ‘DinoDracko’ discovered a nifty feature when Genji uses his ultimate. One that makes it really simple to aim.

As seen in the picture, Genji’s blade has ice tips that go out to the side. When he uses his deflect mechanic, it perfectly lines up in the middle of the crosshair.

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If used at the end of the ultimate duration, you can have your shot lined up for the exact moment the Dragonblade comes to an end. It can also make deflecting projectiles that much easier.

Genji SwordActivision Blizzard
Genji’s blade on the Ice Wraith skin gives players better accuracy thanks to its design.

Fans were really fascinated by this feature and one Redditor even referred to it as a “pay-to-win skin.”  By being able to align shots with ease, this skin becomes unique for the slashing hero.

Next time you queue into a game, you might want to spend some credits toward unlocking this skin as it could help increase your accuracy.

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