OWL champ Super shocked by how bad Overwatch is on Nintendo Switch

Super baffled by Overwatch on switchBlizzard Entertainment

Two-time Overwatch League champion Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi was left stunned after trying out Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch and couldn’t believe how horrible it was.

Overwatch is a relatively different game on console compared to PC, but on Switch, Blizzard’s hero shooter FPS is an entire breed entirely.

Not as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch was the last console that Overwatch was ported to, and it’s clear the game has some issues with frame rate and keeping up with all the action on screen.

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During a December Twitch stream, Super decided to try his luck playing on the Nintendo console and his time with it was certainly a sight to behold in the worst way imaginable.

Super baffled by Overwatch by Switch

Before even jumping into a match, the San Francisco Shock tank visited the training range to become accustomed to the game’s new controls and right off the bat sensed something was off.

After fans seemed concerned about the stream quality, Super explained how the issue was with the game itself.

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“It looks like it’s lagging – I’m telling you guys, it’s not my computer, it’s not my stream, it’s not Comcast. This is how the game runs on the f**king Switch,” he blasted before showcasing how there way no way to improve it.

Things didn’t get any better when Super loaded up a match either. While playing as Roadhog, a hero he played during the Shock’s second OWL championship win, he could barely manage to hit hooks.

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At one point on King’s Row, the Overwatch superstar had issues taking on a Baptiste player in a one-on-one, missing multiple headshots attacks before being pinned by a Reinhardt and being eliminated.

Seeing such a gifted player so out of his element was certainly a rare moment and one that will undoubtedly go down as one of the most brutal Overwatch moments in DeLisi’s streaming career.

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