Overwatch dev highlights secret hidden in Funky Baptiste Anniversary skin

Overwatch Funky Baptiste skinBlizzard Entertainment

As part of Overwatch’s fifth Anniversary event, the Blizzard dev that designed the now-iconic Funky Baptiste skin has revealed even the character’s ring has a backstory.

Overwatch’s fifth Anniversary has breathed new life into Blizzard’s flagship FPS title. With a whole selection of new skins and a different approach to Weekly Challenges, the event has shaken up what many fans were calling a “stale” game.

One of the most popular skins of the new arrivals is Funky Baptiste. Sporting a huge afro and channeling his inner disco, the Haitian combat medic has been completely transformed.

Believe it or not, though, it turns out there’s even more to love about the skin. The artist has revealed that there’s a subtle, yet intensely emotional element included in the design.

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Baptiste Legendary skinActivision Blizzard
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Overwatch dev reveals Funky Baptiste inspiration

While there are so many cool details in this skin, one of the main features that stand out is his rings. One of these is a turquoise style gemstone set into a golden inlay, which starkly contrasts against the muted burgundy, brown, and mustard tones of his outfit.

The concept artist who created Funky Baptiste, Armando Gonzalez-Dorta, has revealed on Twitter that the ring is inspired by his mother’s. “Fun fact, the ring on Funky Baptiste was inspired by my mom’s ring,” he writes.

Attaching a side-by-side image of his mother mirroring one of the Hatian’s poses, both her own ring and Baptiste’s can be seen together. The likeness is pretty uncanny.

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Gonzalez goes on to write that his mother is “one of the most bad-ass and inspiring [people] I’ve ever known,” and that it’s amazing to have her “inspire a design for an awesome combat Medic.”

No doubt he’s ecstatic that the skin has become such a fan favorite in such a short amount of time. The fact that players everywhere are carrying a little piece of his soul brings a tear to the eye.

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next and if there are any little hidden gems to look out for. So, the next time you take Funky Baptiste for a spin, make sure to look out for that ring – not that you can miss it!

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