Frustrating Overwatch bug makes Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate worthless

Sigma uses kinetic graspBlizzard Entertainment

Sigma’s Gravitic Flux can be one of the most impactful ultimates in Overwatch with the power to delete half of any hero’s health pool. However, a new bug is making it so the ability doesn’t even work.

Gravitic Flux is relatively simple to understand. Once activated, Sigma will rise into the air to select an area outlined by a blue circle. Any enemy inside this circle will be sent into the air where they’ll endure 50 damage.

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Once they’re in the air, there are a few moments for Sigma or other teammates to damage the opposition before they’re slammed back down to the ground. The slam, by the way, takes away 50% of a target’s maximum health. So, this varies from hero to hero.

For instance, Roadhog will take 300 damage with the slam while Tracer will only endure 75. That said, this only really matters if the ultimate connect and for some Sigma players, this ability isn’t working as intended.

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Sigma pirate halloween skinBlizzard Entertainment
Sigma’s ultimate can be one of the best… when it works.

Former semi-pro and Twitch streamer Shadder2K experienced quite the bizarre glitch during a match on Temple of Anubis that ruined his ultimate.

While trying to defend Point A and stationed on the high ground overlooking the choke, the streamer activated the ultimate and tried to take aim at an enemy Reinhardt. The problem, however, was the tank never got lifted off the ground.

“What?!” Shadder2K gasped in disbelief. “What?”

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It’s unclear exactly why the ultimate didn’t work, especially considering the Reinhardt was in a perfect position. Gravitic Flux also used before its cast time expired, further complicating the situation.

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One possibility is that it could be related to the pillars on the high ground negating the ultimate, but in any case, viewers in Shadder2K’s chat were just as confused spamming question marks or calling the bizarre incident a “no reg.”

Blizzard has been relatively quick to work out bugs, especially when they happen to streamers, so hopefully this issue gets dealt with and resolved by the time a new patch rolls out.

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Of course, if the issue happens to be with Temple of Anubis, Blizzard could just do everyone a favor and remove 2CP from rotation, which is the plan going forward with Overwatch 2 anyway.

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