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Fallout producer uses real life Overwatch loot box to propose

Published: 17/Dec/2019 0:39

by Michael Gwilliam


One lucky Overwatch player got one of the best items of her life inside of a real Overwatch loot box – an engagement ring.

Loot boxes in Overwatch are normally viewed as somewhat of a mixed bag with a random assortment of items hidden inside each one. Typically, no skin, emote, or highlight is available to purchase with real world currency outside of a few special edition items. However, that all changed with an incredible proposal.


Fallout and Oblivion Producer Gavin Carter captured the moment he proposed to his girlfriend Emily with help from a real life loot box designed by Optimistic Geometry.

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Taking to Twitter, Gavin explained how his then-girlfriend loves Overwatch so he had a fully electro-mechanical Overwatch loot box designed, and a lot of work went into keeping it authentic to the source material.

According to Carter, the box’s barcode reads “Emily” and its designer, David, came up with the petal holder for the ring.

The craziest part is how long it took to get the box operational. As a game producer, Carter clearly understood that things take time, and the loot box was in development for over a year. “The end result is so worth it though. I pushed authenticity and it was delivered,” he said.


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As you can see based on Emily’s reaction, she was overjoyed at what was inside the box, and gasped in disbelief as employees at The Aviary in Chicago carried on with their jobs as natural as could be.

Carter explained the most nerve-racking part of the entire proposal was emailing The Aviary and saying, “Hey, so I’m a big fan and would like to do a proposal with this crazy video game box that I had built in real life. I’m not crazy! Let me know!”

Luckily for Gavin and Emily, the whole experience ended up being one to remember, and perhaps the best loot box opening yet.


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Optimistic Geometry has a history of designing Overwatch-themed props. In 2018, the designer created a working D.Va nerf gun that looked like it was ripped directly out of the game.

There’s no telling what the designer will have up his sleeves in the future, especially with Overwatch 2 in development.