Dafran explains how one Overwatch player annoyed him so much he quit OWL

Dafran quits OWLBlizzard Entertainment

Twitch star Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca lasted less than a full season in the Overwatch League and according to the Danish FPS prodigy, one player’s antics were enough for him to quit.

Dafran had had quite a few controversial moments throughout his Overwatch and streaming career, but his time in OWL as a member of the Atlanta Reign is one fans tend to remember fondly.

Despite it only being for a short while and in the middle of the infamous GOATS meta, where Dafran was unable to play many of his best heroes, he still had some dominant performances on Zarya.

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Howeveer, he quit before Blizzard implemented role-queue and 2-2-2, ending the tank dominance, but according to Dafran, one of his teammates was a huge contributing factor in his decision to pack his bags.

Twitch streamer Dafran is now a farmerInstagram/okotopen.dk
Dafran went from Overwatch pro to farmer.

Dafran calls former teammate a “piece of sh*t”

During an early November Twitch broadcast, Francesca was watching some of his old gameplay and reminiscing about his time in OWL.

“One of the big reasons I left Overwatch League was f**king DACO,” he said. “I’m just going to leak it, dude. DACO was a piece of sh*t. The biggest piece of sh*t in the world.”

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According to Dafran, he decided to reveal this because Dong-hyeong ‘DACO’ Seo hasn’t played competitively since 2020.

“He would never meet up on time for practice. We were doing VOD reviews, he would not come. He was making drama. He didn’t want to play if Kodak played!” he added. “He would always troll in scrims and then on stage he would play good.”

Dafran dismisses fans comparing him to DACO

While some fans started comparing DACO’s laissez faire attitude to Dafran’s, the Danish streamer dismissed any similarities, saying that he always showed up on time and practiced with the team.

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“I was so annoyed, dude,” he concluded, saying that if certain support players were in the lineup he outright refused to play.

It’s rare to see such a raw inside revelation of a team’s inner-workings, but that was way back in season 2. Atlanta Reign have emerged as one of the league’s top squads since then, finishing second overall in the season 4 playoffs.

Still, one can only wish Dafran was surrounded by a better teammate who didn’t drive him up the wall. Maybe we’d still see him compete in OWL otherwise.

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