Wild self-sacrifice Overwatch trick gets Zarya kills from beyond the grave

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Zarya stands against king's row background

Overwatch’s Zarya is already pretty fierce, but this cheeky trick on King’s Row gives her the possibility of snatching some kills even from beyond the grave. 

Overwatch may have been out for five years, but that hasn’t stopped players from coming up with new, creative ways to blast their enemies off of the face of the planet.

We’ve seen some stunning aggressive support plays from the Lucio/Ana duo, as well as players taking full advantage of D.Va’s remech damage buff to decimate entire teams.

However, we’ve never seen anything quite like this, as one player has devised a sneaky method for scoring kills on King’s Row as Zarya – even if it means dying in the process.

Overwatch Zarya firing particle cannon
Turns out Overwatch’s Zarya is always fierce – dead or alive.

Overwatch Zarya trick is so bad it’s good

Reddit user its_fusion has posted his bizarre new trick to the title’s subreddit. While it’s proven divisive, it’s clear they’re pretty proud of it.

Informing his allies that he’s going to “do something not smart” and “try out this new trick [he] made up,” he takes a leap of faith in King’s Row’s resident industrial hub, tumbling off of the grating that surrounds the payload’s final destination.

As the iconic Star Wars soundtrack players, he fires the Russian powerhouse’s Graviton Surge ultimate through the floor of the ramp leading down to the designated checkpoint, ensnaring the enemy team around the payload.

While his team is ultimately defeated and no kills secured for the man of the hour, his creativity deserves to be applauded.

Fusion’s niché little trick has divided fans in the comments, with one writing “massive brain. They never saw it coming.”

Others, however, argue that this decision is why his team lost the game. With some calling it “braindead and stupid,” another notes that the “OP’s lapse in judgment didn’t even help his team.”

Either way, we’ve never seen a trick quite like it. Whether you reserve this one for desperate last-bid plays, or never even add it to your arsenal in the first place, Fusion has etched himself into the history of the Overwatch subreddit.