Crazy Overwatch tech lets McCree super jump to high ground positions

Michael Gwilliam
McCree on dorado in Overwatch

A new Overwatch trick has been discovered that lets McCree use his roll in the air and gain access to areas he otherwise would not be able to reach so easily, allowing him to score some frags on enemy teams.

Overwatch techs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with some being extremely useful, while others are borderline silly. Luckily for McCree players, this trick can be a game-changer for everyone’s favorite gunslinger.

Being able to roll mid-air as McCree was actually possible once upon a time in an Experimental patch back in September 2020, but the developers decided it was too strong and didn’t push it to live.

However, as showcased by Twitch streamer McMagicMarv, players can still do it if they’re fast enough. It’s simple to perform but requires some split-second timing.

“This new tech just requires you to press jump a tiny split-second just before you roll,” he explained.

You can know when you get it right too, because when you do a normal combat roll on the ground, you can hear him reload, but if you’re doing the air roll tech properly, you don’t hear it.

The streamer then showed how it can let McCree get up certain slopes, such as the statue on first point King’s Row.

In another clip, this time on Dorado, McMagicMarv used the air roll from the payload by the first choke point on attack to gain access to the high ground and catch an enemy Hanzo off guard completely.

There are more spots where this can be useful too. In two more clips on Blizzard World and Temple of Anubis, the streamer showed he can roll up certain buildings and structures to go for flank plays and big Deadeye ultimate kills.

“You can be up here as Widowmaker and then a bloody McCree rolls over the top and flashbangs you,” he joked. “I would lose it.”

It’s always cool when players discover tricks that can be extremely useful in actual games. There’s no telling how Blizzard will react to this, however, and it’s always possible they remove it in an upcoming patch, but until they do, be sure to try to take advantage of this ability to score some kills and rank up in the process.

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