“Pixel perfect” Sigma rock jump is Overwatch’s most difficult tech - Dexerto

“Pixel perfect” Sigma rock jump is Overwatch’s most difficult tech

Published: 29/Jun/2021 17:15

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch is filled with all sorts of tricks and techs that can expand upon a hero’s kit, but one newly discovered Sigma jump may just be the most difficult of them all.

Techs come in kinds of difficulties, ranging from being incredibly easy such as using Soldier 76’s Helix Rocket to jump fighter, to the precision-based Moira Fades that let her reach higher areas.

One thing most abilities have in common, however, is their practicality in an actual match and while Sigma definitely has his share of techs, players have discovered a new one that requires frame-perfect inputs.

By using Sigma’s Accretion ability at the right angle while moving forward, players can propel themselves farther and make gaps that otherwise have been impossible.


The difficulty comes in how precise players need to be with the jump, their crosshair placement, and how they move forward.

Luckily, Sigma’s Gravitic Flux makes it so that even if players miss the jump, they can use the ultimate to get back to a platform and try again.

Loads of Overwatch pros found themselves packed into a Training Range lobby, desperate to make the jump. After countless attempts, finally, some managed to make it across, but their success rate left a lot to be desired.

After over 100 tries, Indy ‘Space’ Halpern managed to get across and absolutely freaked out upon doing so. As did Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi and Damon ‘Apply’ Conti.


“It’s not easy. You have to be pixel perfect,” Space explained. “It’s literally one f**king pixel. And you have to commit to it. Sometimes you think it was sloppy or you don’t flick up, and you stop holding W, that sh*t is just… you have to commit to it.”

Seeing as this trick is extremely difficult to pull off, it’s definitely not recommended you ever try it in an actual game unless you’re in a last resort situation of some sort, in which case, good luck.

Still, it would be interesting to see Blizzard adjust Sigma a touch to make this tech just a touch more consistent, just to give the off-tank hero something else to add to his arsenal.