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Overwatch streamer rages after dealing with shameless hacker

Published: 5/Jul/2021 22:54

by Theo Salaun


It may feel like cheating in Overwatch has become less of an issue, but a streamer had to let some emotions loose when there was an obvious hacker in his game — and Twitch chat refused to believe him until he showed proof.

If you play a game for long enough, you start getting a sixth sense for when somebody might be cheating. Sometimes you’re absolutely sure of it, maybe based on unnatural headshot accuracy or awareness. Sometimes you’re less sure and need to see a replay.

For SVB, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, he saw a twisted Tracer in his game that seemed unable to miss. His chat saw something different and thought SVB was just making excuses. 


Frustrated by the cheater and by the disbelievers, the former top 500 player proceeded to watch a replay of the enemy’s POV and show just how blatantly they were hacking. Of course, he also added in some choice words for the doubters.

In the clip you can see a Tracer moving about and shooting enemies. Every time they spray bullets, the only sounds are headshot dinks — which anyone who’s played the time-traveling hero knows probably isn’t possible naturally.

That’s obviously unnatural and, after moments of evidence, SVB had to clap back at those in chat who refused to believe him: “Oh my goodness, bro. I told you. Oh my f**king goodness.”


Overwatch Tracer
Blizzard Entertainment
She looks sweet, but Tracer is so darn mischievous sometimes.

Continuing on, the streamer proceeded to mock the doubters: “Bro, ‘no, it’s just normal SVB, what are you talking about? SVB you’re so paranoid. You’re just jealous because he’s really really good and he’s better than you.’ What the f**k?”

SVB obviously wasn’t happy about the hacker and even less happy about being doubted and called paranoid. Seeing how shameless the Tracer was about their cheats, most responses seem pretty understanding of that frustration.

It’s not everyday that you see cheaters in Overwatch and it’s definitely not everyday that you see a streamer clap back at “smarta**es in chat.” While we can hope that there are fewer hackers in Overwatch 2, maybe, for SVB’s sake in particular, we can all try to believe experienced players a little more when they call said hackers out.