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Stunning Overwatch tactic makes Brigitte completely counter D.Va Remech kills

Published: 5/Jul/2021 20:39

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players have been obliterating the competition as D.Va ever since the devs buffed her Remech ultimate to deal 250 damage on impact, but that doesn’t mean the tank hero isn’t still immune to brutal staggers.

The decision to buff D.Va’s Call Mech was due to how frequently the hero would be staggered in organized play. It wasn’t uncommon to see teams try to leave an enemy D.Va alive as long as possible without her mech to take time off the clock.

By letting D.Va deal 250 damage by calling her mech, the devs felt that it would make teams want to kill her quicker and not spend so much time toying with her at the risk of being eliminated themselves.


While some players have found success by Remeching to kill opponents while being staggered, it often comes at the expense of gifting more ultimate charge and for some D.Va players, Remeching can just prolong the inevitable.

Frdwnr bullied by the Outlaws from Competitiveoverwatch

As showcased in the July 4 match between the Houston Outlaws and Vancouver Titans, while attacking Point B of Hanamura, Nathan ‘frdwnr’ Goebel was the only player alive for his team after a failed push.

After getting body blocked, Halted and Walled off from jumping off the map, the tank player resorted to trying to Remech to score a cheeky kill, but was interrupted Enrique ‘Joobi’ Triana’s Brigitte Shield Bash.


With no ultimate charge to try again, frdwnr desperately tried to get off the map, but found themself once again being body blocked and halted. After shooting an Orisa in his way to finally get another ultimate, it was once again interrupted by yet another bash.

D.Va in her mech
Blizzard Entertainment
Sometimes getting back into your mech can have consequences.

On the bright side for frdwnr, he only had 2 HP left so the Shield Bash was enough to kill him, but if he had 51 health or more, he would have remained in baby form and the stagger would have continued for even longer.

Of course, to pull this off in a ranked game, it would require some communication, but it’s worth it to get valuable seconds off the clock and cut down on the number of attacks your opponents can get.


It’s pretty clear that the developers’ intent with the Remech buff isn’t exactly going as planned and while it’s resulted in some pretty crazy moments and kills, teams have just changed how they go about staggering D.Va. Only time will tell if the devs decide to change their approach to balancing the ability in the future.