QTCinderella deserves to win Streamer of the Year at The Esports Awards

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The nominees for the Esports Awards’ Streamer of the Year have been released, and there’s one creator whose content over the last year makes her stand out from the rest: QTCinderella. 

As you rise to the top of Twitch, more and more eyes are on you than ever before… and sometimes, those eyes nominate you for awards, no matter how big your community is.

The Esports Awards take place every year to celebrate not only the best in Esports, but also the “Streamer of the Year” with a more broad focus.

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Among those nominated for 2022 are Dr Disrespect, Asmongold, Ibai Llanos, Valkyrae, and more… but the person that stands out the most is a newcomer to the awards: QTCinderella.

On July 4, 2022, the Esports Awards posted on Twitter, explaining that QT is one of the finalists for Streamer of the Year. This prompted many users to argue whether or not she deserves the title.

It’s this writer’s opinion that QTCinderella is the most deserving of the group — and here’s why.

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QTCinderella’s The Streamer Awards

QTCinderellaStreamerAwardsYouTube: QTCinderella
As well as arranging The Streamer Awards, QTCinderella is well-known for bringing famous streamers together for fun group competitions.

In early 2022, it was revealed that QTCinderella (alongside Maya Higa) had begun organizing ‘The Streamer Awards,’ which saw creators like Ludwig win Streamer of the Year, OTK win “Best Content Organization,” and many more. Airing on March 12, it became one of the biggest independent events organized by a Twitch streamer.

Streamed on QT’s channel, the Awards peaked at 360,000 viewers — which was approximately 20% of the viewers on the entire platform — while it was broadcasting. On top of that, the hashtag “#TheStreamerAwards” became one of the top five Twitter trends worldwide.

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Stats aside, it was the first awards show with a focus on top streaming talent worldwide — not just another show with streaming as a side category. Not to mention, it gave creators recognition that they hadn’t received before.

QTCinderella said it best herself in The Streamer Awards’ behind-the-scenes vlog: “It’s a fun way to get 250 streamers in one room and recognize people who have never been recognized, like Asmongold… He’s been in the industry so long and has never won an award, it’s crazy.”

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Shitcamp, Girls Trip, Beyblade Tournament

A hefty handful of Twitch's top stars were involved in Shitcamp this year.Twitter: QTCinderella
A hefty handful of Twitch’s top stars were involved in Shitcamp this year.

While The Streamer Awards is by far the biggest event the Twitch streamer coordinated over the last year, she’s been the brains behind much smaller — but equally successful — events.

What started it all was ‘Shitcamp.’ Thanks to QT, almost 20 creators were brought together for three days of IRL streams that featured a huge kickball game, as well as an amazing drag show that found Pokimane joking about xQc being the “hottest streamer on Twitch.

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Girls Trip was planned to be the first large-scale, all-girls event on Twitch with Alinity, LilyPichu, JustaMinx, and more participating. However, it was met with unfortunate demise after a few of the creators fell ill on day one of the event.

Her latest IRL event, a Beyblade Tournament, brought creators back to their childhood as WillNeff took the trophy home.

QTCinderella deserves Streamer Of The Year

One of the arguments that’s been commonly used on social media is the fact that there are nominees that have significantly more viewers than QT. You can’t argue with the fact, as the creator said herself: “I am literally the smallest creator nominated, but it blows my mind that I’m even on here.”

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However, Streamer of the Year is much more than just view count. It should be awarded to the most creative streamer who spent the last year making sure she stood out from the “norm” on Twitch.

With a more inclusive awards show and a wide variety of events under her belt that have helped her stand out from the crowd over the last year, QTCinderella fits the bill for Streamer of the Year perfectly.