What is the ‘name 100 women’ challenge going viral on Twitch?

Virginia Glaze

QTCinderella is going viral thanks to her ‘name 100 women’ challenge that’s spreading like wildfire on Twitch. Here’s what it’s all about, as well as the top streamers she called out to try it.

March is Women’s History Month in the United States, a time designated by Congress to recognize and commemorate the important roles of women in American history and society.

In celebration of this month, Twitch streamer QTCinderella — known for orchestrating massive events like The Streamer Awards — decided to put her fellow broadcasters to the test.

On March 26, QT published a post challenging a bevy of high-profile male streamers to “name 100 women,” tagging the likes of Ninja, MoistCritikal, Squeex, and even Twitch CEO Dan Clancy to see if they were up to the task.

The premise is simple: Streamers must name 100 women during a live broadcast. They cannot enlist the help of their viewers in chat, and the women they name must be prominent figures in real life, not fictional characters or family members like their mother or sister. In QT’s words, they must be “Googleable.”

That’s not all; this is a timed challenge, with the timer starting as soon as they begin typing out the first name and ending when they finish typing the last name.

Thus far, quite a few male streamers have undertaken QT’s challenge, with the likes of NorthernLion managing to name 100 women in under seven minutes.

Ludwig also tried his hand at the challenge during a live stream on March 26 — but it looks like he had a tougher time than NorthernLion did by far.

Squeex also participated in the trend, deciding to throw in some famous names from Bollywood films in his list.

SlimeIRL sparked some laughter by going full “Star Wars” during his stream, struggling to remember the name of Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the popular sci-fi series.

The challenge has gone viral across Twitch as more and more broadcasters decide to try the challenge for themselves – attempts that almost always manage to include some sort of hilarious hijink or two as streamers are put on the spot.

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