OG Fortnite streamers returning in Chapter 3, but it won’t be for long

fortnite chapter 3 features return of streamers

Don’t be alarmed! Your favorite streamers may be returning to Fortnite, but they probably won’t stick around for long.

As we’re on the cusp of Fortnite Chapter 3, the excitement for the cartoon Battle Royale is at an all-time high. Former Fortnite enthusiasts such as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott have announced their return.

We’ve even seen Fortnite’s bad boy Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney tease his return. And with an update as massive as Fortnite Chapter 3, you can expect a lot more content creators to hop on the bandwagon.

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However, perhaps fans should not get their hopes up thinking this might be the Fortnite Renaissance. The old Fortnite gang may be having a reunion, but that doesn’t mean the band is getting back together.

OG Fortnite streamers are just visiting

fortnite ninja twitch streamNinja
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins grinding Fortnite mere days before Chapter 3

I don’t want this article to sound overly negative, because Chapter 3 is going to be a very exciting time for Fortnite. We should all be excited to see the biggest streamers return to Fortnite, if only for a while.

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That being said, Fortnite’s difficulty and competitive nature are what will drive the returning players away. Player’s haven’t stopped streaming Fortnite for lack of content, but rather because the casual elements of the game have been diminished.

At its peak, Fortnite allowed streamers to play the way they wanted to generate the content they wanted. Now, Fortnite has become so competitive, or “sweaty” as the kids say, that the casual fun moments are few and far between.

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It’s unlikely that Epic Games will change Fortnite in such a way that Chapter 3 will feel more like Chapter 1. That’s because it’s not an issue with the game itself, but the overly competitive player base.

This shouldn’t be seen as a knock towards the returning streamers. Fortnite and its community welcome you with open arms, and we hope you stay.

But we also know that unless you’re committed to the grind, you won’t be around for long.

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For more Fortnite, check out the leaked trailer for Chapter 3, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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