Ninja has genuinely started giving Fortnite players homework advice

Twitter, @ninja / Epic Games

From Fortnite star to household name to… impromptu tutor? Ninja is now, once again, breaking barriers — as the popular streamer took some time during a recent Twitch stream to help kids with their homework.

The brain is a very important part of the human body. Some would say it is the most important part. And therefore, nourishing the brain is valuable. Ninja understands this and that’s why he wants his community to do their homework.

While some have roasted Ninja’s decline in Twitch viewership, he hasn’t been bothered by it. Instead, he’s enjoying streaming Fortnite (even though he refuses to play competitively anymore).

So, during a recent Twitch stream with SypherPK, Ninja took a moment to casually address a viewer’s homework struggles. In doing so, he revealed a next-level strat to nourish your brain while nourishing your gameplay.

Ninja gives gamer homework advice

Ninja is a gamer at heart and that is evident in his advice. Telling a viewer to “just do your homework, man,” he elaborated with a sneaky process that Fortnite players can follow.

“Here’s how I used to do homework: If I only had like one or two pieces of homework, I would just do them in between my queues. You get about two to three questions per queue and you game for a couple hours and all your homework is done.”

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Fortnite is full of new items, but rarely homework advice.

While teachers might prefer that you sit down and do all of your homework at once, Ninja’s advice is pretty reasonable. It’s a good way to spend the time between games productively and it’s hard to deny the results if it worked for him.

Already as financially stable as can be, fans are enjoying Ninja streaming so casually. And, although his League of Legends toxicity was fun, you’ve got to appreciate him getting wholesome with the Fortnite community.