Palworld devs fix game-changing bug that nerfed every single Pal

Ethan Dean
Palworld Damage Bug Fixed in Latest Patch

Palworld players’ suspicions have been confirmed after devs revealed a lingering bug from a recent patch had nerfed all Pal damage by 50%. Mercifully, the way they chose to reveal it was by announcing it was fixed.

In the time following Palworld’s April 3 update, players spent the opening days praising the new items and changes added to the survival game. Coupled with the announcement of the long-awaited PVP update, nobody noticed anything was amiss at first.

After the hype died down a little, Pal Tamers started taking to the game’s Subreddit to report some issues with the power of their Pals. It wasn’t long before Palworld players began speculating about a possible bug that had impacted the damage of certain Pals.

As it turns out, this particular bug was actually affecting every single Pal in the game. To address the issue, Pocketpair released Patch v0.2.2.0 which has rectified it completely.

Palworld’s v0.2.2.0 update patch notes: Damage bug fixed

The patch notes themselves explain that the devs have “corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage”. Prior to the fix, the bug was making some of Palworld’s overworld bosses a bit of a hassle to beat.

Of course, out of adversity comes innovation and players came up with some remarkable ways to circumvent the accidental nerf. Our personal favorite is a thoroughly bred Chikipi that deletes enemies with its absurd damage.

Alongside the damage fix in this latest Palworld update, the devs made some other small improvements. The Nightmare Ray and “Nightmare Bloom attacks have had their hit detection improved and PC players can now exit the editing screen from the newly added Antique Dresser by hitting the escape key.

The patch notes also mentioned corrections to “other minor bugs”. Those were apparently deemed of lesser importance and weren’t spelled out in their entirety.

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