CouRage calls for New World to fix “impossible” faction wars

. 8 months ago
Amazon Game Studios, YouTube: CouRage

100 Thieves Co-Owner and YouTube streaming sensation, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, has called out New World’s faction system in a series of tweets. 

While Amazon’s new MMORPG, New World, didn’t quite get off to the flying start that the developers hoped for, Aeternum has become a haven for some of the biggest streamers in the business.

One of these is 100 Thieves Co-Owner and streaming star, CouRage, who appears to remain pretty skeptical of the title after having received a 24-hour ban amid a series of mass reporting incidents.

As his journey to unveil the island’s secrets continues in style, he’s called out New World’s faction system for limiting how often players can wage war on one another – which is one of the best parts of the game.

new world one faction lays siege to another base
Amazon Games
Banding together to tear down enemy bases is one of New World’s best activities.

CouRage calls for New World faction changes

In a series of tweets from October 19, CouRage asks Amazon to make some changes to the game’s faction system. Players are asked to choose between the Covenant, Mauraders, and Syndicate early on, and this choice dictates who you can undertake PvP missions with.

The issue he has, however, is that because the vast majority of players on his server are Syndicate, it makes waging war as a smaller faction very difficult.

“Going to tweet everyday as a reminder until something is done about population and PvP quests,” he writes. “Not possible to force offensive wars when Syndicate has 4x our playerbase!”

When asked by fellow streamer Michael ‘sonii’ Sherman how he’d go about fixing the issue, he notes “maybe only a MAX of players can run PvP quests and it’s in like an arena kinda like fort. Our server is just Syndicate zerg each time.”

Going on to call waging offensive wars “literally impossible” due to both the monetary cost and the manpower needed, while the streamer is enjoying his time in Aeternum, it’s pretty clear he thinks the game is far from perfect.

As Amazon continues to alter the very fabric of the New World universe, it’ll be interesting to see whether they take CouRage’s feedback on board. Until then, though, it looks like he won’t be waging too many wars anytime soon.

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