NBA 2K23 players want devs to go back to basics after “incredibly boring” tasks

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NBA 2K23 fans have been loud and vocal about issues and ran out of patience for completing non-basketball-related MyCareer sidequests.

Popular NBA YouTuber Chris Smoove slammed MyCareer for forcing him to play through a “terrible” skateboard mission. He argued, “we are supposed to be playing a basketball game, man; what is this?”

Tensions have reached a boiling point among NBA 2K community members. Some players claimed the “honeymoon period” has come to an end, given the game’s ongoing issues. Game-breaking glitches and questionable monetization tactics contribute to frustrations.

However, at the crux of the matter, players want just to play basketball, echoing the comments of Chris Smoove.

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One of the side quests in NBA 2K23 has players rap in a recording studio.

NBA 2K23 players fed up with side quests

A Reddit user voiced their frustrations about completing a quest in MyCareer, “thought I was playing a basketball game.”

The quest has a checklist of missions, including picking flowers for Aubrey on four separate occasions and talking with her at a design studio.

One user responded, “This is pretty much why I stopped buying 2k. I’m not interested in errands besides the basketball game itself. I get that some may like virtual chores, though.

A second player added, “I’ve never been more frustrated with 2k than 2k23. I’m trying to complete the story, and I gotta do dumb sh*t like a fashion show, become a rapper, do tik to dances, etc.”

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Community members took turns cracking jokes in the comments, as a third user chimed in, “You can take the flowers to Ronnie2k, and he uses his alchemy table to create a potion that gives you +2 on all stats. Just part of the quest line.”

NBA 2K23 players would much prefer sticking to playing basketball than playing a Sims-style game off the court.