NBA 2K23 players say the “honeymoon period” is over amid ongoing issues

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It’s been two months since NBA 2K23’s release and players think the “honeymoon period” has come to an end given the game’s ongoing issues.

NBA 2K23 hit store shelves in early September, and it didn’t take long for players to stumble across its problems.

VC payouts for time-intensive activities aren’t worth the effort, many users have surmised. Leveling up user-created characters requires quite the time sink, too, unless players resort to purchasing microtransactions.

The occasional server error and gameplay glitch only worsened matters, especially for those who’ve long been fed up with the quality of NBA 2K entries.

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NBA 2K23 fans say the honeymoon phase is over as issues persist

There is some fun to be had with the latest NBA 2K installment, however. But Redditor pdut23 argues that while the game looks good, plays well, and boasts a deep MyPlayer experience, its many troubles demand attention.

“The honeymoon period is over,” the player said in a Reddit post before pointing out NBA 2K23’s ongoing problems.

Broken events, an ineffective rep system, and a lack of fun activities for the player-created character only cover surface-level shortcomings. The Redditor argues the “trash” community doesn’t work in 2K23’s favor, either.

At the very least, a number of Reddit responses agree that the community isn’t operating at its best. However, some contend this particular problem has plagued the series for several years.

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The onus is on developers to address many of NBA 2K23’s other issues, though. But since VC payouts and leveling costs have long proved a problem area, reason suggests a proper fix won’t arrive anytime in the near future.

NBA 2K23 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.