Chris Smoove blasts NBA 2K23 over “terrible” skateboarding mission

SmooveYouTube: Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove is viewed by many as the face of NBA 2K MyCareer content, and he didn’t hold back from slamming the game mode’s time-consuming missions.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer went in a new direction, allowing players to skip College basketball and the draft. Instead, users select their own NBA team and you follow the journey of a player hated by the fanbase and a rival.

Players were baffled by a hilarious bug in Mycareer with the rival that became weirdly sexual. 2K Games and Visual Concepts promised substantial changes and improvements to Mycareer, but not all of the new additions have been accepted with open arms by the 2K community.

An overstuffed Devin Booker Mycareer chanllenge with little reward spaked outrage from players, and other VC-related issues have raised eyebrows over the game being pay-to-win.

Smoove slameed Mycareer for offering a weak story, progression issues, and filler missions that do nothing more than impede progress.

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Steph Curry’s infamous celebration is in NBA 2K23.

Chris Smoove blasts tedious Mycareer mission

In Chris Smoove’s September 14 YouTube video , he critisized 2K for forcing him to play through a skateboarding mission with “terrible” skateboard physics.

Smoove asked, “why do they have this in the city? They really want to slow you down. It’s almost useless to have this.”

Mycareer forces you to complete a skateboarding race within a certain time limit. Smoove begrudnegley played through the mission and then was forced to do another skateboarding mission right after.

The YouTuber couldn’t believe why they would include the mission and stated, “I cant even play the game until I do this BS. They really need to just cut this out. We are supposed to be playing a basketball game man, what is this.”

Players earn VC by completing Mycareer games, and Smoove believed they cut down on VC earned. He claimed it used to be around 1,400 to 1,800 a game, but now its only around 1,000.