NBA 2K23 players demand dev response over “horrendous” traveling glitch

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NBA 2K23 fans are hitting out a traveling bug allowing players to move across the court after picking up their dribble, and now, they’re demanding a fix.

NBA 2K players are never shy about hitting out at the games’ various bugs and glitches which often can hinder the ability of the annual title to be an accurate basketball sim.

While some of the glitches are less invasive to the gameplay experience, others can completely ruin the game and change how a 1v1 situation can play out.

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Now, an NBA 2K player has discovered a new glitch that’s making the game unplayable.

NBA 2K23 player hits out at “horrendous” travel glitch

User Ineedajobbrah posted to the NBA 2K subreddit a clip of them playing a 1v1 where their opponent utilized a move to dance across the court, all without dribbling.

In the clip, the 2K player picks up their dribble in the paint. Then, they proceed to pump-fake multiple times in a row, causing them to moonwalk across the paint and score with ease.

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Typically in basketball, once you’ve picked up your dribble, you aren’t allowed to move your pivot foot. With this bug, 2K players are moving across the court by tapping the pump-fake button over and over again.

Ineedajobbrah said, “FIX YOUR GAME 2K! Blatant traveling where I can’t even compete in 1v1.”

Users in the comment section were completely stunned. On 2K player said, “Not only did he travel but somehow he brushed past you despite you being a pretty big guy.”

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Another added, “That’s ridiculous, bro.”

As this post has gained steam on the NBA 2K subreddit, fans of the basketball title are hoping that the NBA 2K devs can find a solution to this new traveling glitch.

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