NBA 2K23 players can’t deal with the “cringe” music district quests anymore

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NBA 2K23 players have had enough of the game’s bizarre and “cringe” music district quests which have players rap battle against NPCs.

NBA 2K23 is choc-full of tons of content that isn’t necessarily related to basketball in any way.

One of those non-basketball activities revolves around music of which there is a ton. Rapper J. Cole is even on the cover of the alternate version of the game’s cover and is part of the MyPlayer storyline which sees players enjoy a music career off the court.

Despite the star-studded storyline, players have bashed some of the music quests.

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NBA 2K23 players tired of music quests

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J. Cole is in NBA 2K23.

Reddit user moojamin posted to the game’s subreddit page a complaint about the music district quests.

In the post, they said: “I don’t think I’ve done any storyline in any game in history as annoying and cringe as the music district quest.”

In that storyline, 2K players must rap battle other players and work their way to the top, even recording their own music. This storyline has drawn in tons of criticism from the community for not hitting the mark, and players have grown increasingly tired of having to sit through each cutscene.

Fellow 2K players I the comment section agreed with moojamin. One said, “It’s beyond terrible. Like, if I have to do this corny ass quest at least make my character spit bars, not sound like a child first discovering that words can rhyme.”

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Another added some seriously harsh criticism and said, “Yeah I really don’t respect J. Cole or Game for having their names attached to this shit, it’s that bad. Anyone else that hops on each successive year, I’ll remember and never listen to their music again.”

Hopefully, for next year’s version of the game, NBA 2K can either put more time into making the bars better or just remove them entirely.