NBA 2K23 players roast Russell Westbrook for having the lowest Shot IQ in the game

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NBA 2K23 players roasted Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook after discovering his SHot IQ attribute is an unbelievably low 25, ranking him the worst in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook is already off to a difficult start to the 2022-2023 NBA season as his Los Angeles Lakers team is off to an 0-3 start.

Long gone are the Westbrook MVP days of 2017 as his tenure on the legendary west-coast basketball squad has been everything short of successful. And now, NBA 2K players are taking note as the devs behind the basketball sim have given him the lowest rating in the game in one specific category.

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NBA 2K23 players notice Russell Westbrook’s low Shot IQ

A post to the NBA 2K Reddit went viral after pointing out that Russell Westbrook now has the lowest Shot IQ rating in the entire game at 25.

25 rating is the absolute lowest the 2K devs will go, meaning that this rating is as bad as it gets. Westbrook has been maligned by Lakers’ diehards and hoops fans alike for taking erratic shots and shooting inefficiently from the floor.

2K players in the comment section brutally roasted the former star. One player said, “Name a player who takes worse shots on average – probably can’t.”

Another noticed his 3PT shot rating is a 72, which is actually quite higher than many assumed: “72-74 is way too high for him. They don’t even guard him at this point man. Funny thing is, his shot IQ (which is abysmal) might be better than his 3pt. The team’s defensive strat is literally tricking Russ into taking wide-open threes.”

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A Westbrook fan said it was sad to see a once-great player take such a downturn. “He was a great player at one time but he’s slowly tarnishing his legacy. A lot of people already forgot what he’s done in the past and just see him as a joke, it’s sad to see.”

Although Westbrook was once one of the best players in the league not too long ago, it’s clear his prime is well behind him.