NBA 2K23 player reveals insane Halloween VC gift they received

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NBA 2K23 got into the Halloween spirit by awarding players trick-or-treat gifts. While most were tricked, a lucky few received game-changing treats.

Several AAA games embraced Halloween this year. GTA Online applied green and orange filters to Los Santos, and players loved it, while Overwatch 2 celebrated the occasion with a themed PvE mode.

NBA 2K23’s Halloween event simulated trick-or-treating, having players try their luck at getting valuable in-game items. Check out our guide for every trick-or-treat location in MyPlayer.

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NBA 2K23 added dozens of trick-or-treat locations on the map for MyPlayer.

NBA 2K23 player strikes gold while trick-or-treating

Reddit user i_am_blade posted a photo receiving 250,000 VC from a trick-or-treat location with the caption “trick or treating in a rich neighborhood.”

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Players can try to replicate this success story in MyPlayer by looking out for a glowing orange indicator in front of doors spread out around the Neighborhood.

Awards include clothes, player banners, indicators, Gatorade boosts, 2XP Coins, and VC.

One player responded, “and I’m here getting 50 VC. Thanks, man, for ruining my day.”

A second user added, “went to every spot. Maybe I got 4,000 VC, but 70+ for every boost. I couldn’t imagine getting 250,000 VC.”

If you didn’t have a successful trick-or-treating trip, players that wear designated Halloween gear on October 31 during outdoor games receive double XP.

The post creator rubbed salt in the wound by adding, “and it’s crazy that was one of the first doors I went to.”

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NBA 2K23’s Halloween event ends on October 31, so Make sure to go door to door while you still can if you want a shot at making it big.