Where to find NBA 2K23 Halloween trick-or-treat rewards: Location map

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Where to find NBA 2K23 Halloween trick-or-treat rewards as there are tons of goodies available for those who are planning to hoop on Halloween.

NBA 2K23’s Halloween event is here, and with it, tons of rewards including boosts, VC, shooting gauge animations, and more.

In order to obtain some of the Halloween trick-or-treat rewards, 2K players will have to go out and trick-or-treat as you would in real life, only in 2K, you’ll be getting in-game goodies instead of candy.

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Here’s the best route to follow in order to get all of the Halloween rewards.

NBA 2K23 Halloween trick-or-treat rewards: Location map

There are dozens and dozens of trick-or-treat locations on the map for your MyPlayer to collect.

Since there are so many spots to hit, here is the most efficient route you can take to grab all of the goodies along the way. Make sure you are looking out for the glowing orange indicator in front of each door along this route.

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Start at the red X closest to the South City Vipers, and make your way around the square of the map. Along this route, there will be tons of spots to trick-or-treat.

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This is the starting route to take in the Halloween trick-or-treat event in NBA 2K23.

After that, when you end up back in front of South City, follow the next map in order to pick up all the spots on the perimeter of the map.

nba 22k3 halloween map2K Games
The second route to follow for the Halloween event in NBA 2K23.

After following these two routes, you should have picked up some Halloween-themed prizes.

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On top of that, on October 31, make sure to wear designated Halloween gear for double XP in all outdoor games.

Follow these steps, and you’ll take full advantage of the annual Halloween event.

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