NBA 2K23 players call for emergency patch to fix “broken” mechanic

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 defense

After a presumed blocking buff in NBA 2K23, users who frequent the Rec Center are calling for a patch to fix the “broken” hands-up defense.

Since its launch, NBA 2K23 has been littered with issues that demand developer attention. From traveling glitches and troubles with the shot meter to concerns centered around MTX in MyCareer, the latest NBA 2K entry often receives the ire of longtime fans.

Developer Visual Concepts tackles the issues via small patches and larger updates on some occasions. However, users occasionally encounter problems wherein a quick fix engenders another unforeseen error.

According to Reddit users, a recent buff may have broken NBA 2K23’s defensive mechanics.

NBA 2K23 users think hands-up defense needs a hotfix

Redditor Caveman_707 started a thread to point out the “completely broken” hands-up defense in the Rec Center. Apparently, the situation is so bad that it needs an “emergency patch.”

The Reddit user explained, “Everybody is constantly seeing red contests go in and it’s making centers in 2K want to quit this game.” They believe the issue began with a presumed buff to blocks, which must have, in turn, ruined interior defense.

Based on the comments, other players tend to agree. One Redditor said the issue is “blatantly obvious.” Another person chimed in by echoing the original poster’s concerns: “I’ve seen reds and yellows go in like crazy with guards and forwards. Yet my 7”3 center can’t make an open layup, lol.”

Meanwhile, there are those who aren’t as convinced about the supposed defense issue in NBA 2K23. Someone who doesn’t think it’s a “big deal” justified the changes. Apparently, buffing blocks adds a “risk-reward factor” and nerfing hands-up defense works because “it’s a little too easy.”

If and when NBA 2K23 developers will address this particular concern is presently anyone’s guess.