NBA 2K23’s dunking has been in shambles for ‘almost a week’ players say

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NBA 2K23 players claim the dunking mechanic has been broken for “almost a week” with no evidence of a fix in sight.

For reasons that continue to mystify, NBA 2K23 users regularly find issues that disrupt their enjoyment of the sports game. “Spammy” stealing mechanics have come under fire in recent weeks, for example

These troubles occasionally receive the necessary patch, yet another hiccup takes their place soon thereafter. As such, a presumed close-shot nerf plaguing the game is believed to have surfaced after developers fixed a uniform error.

Now yet another gameplay balancing glitch has reared its head, further amplifying community frustrations with the latest NBA 2K entry.

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NBA 2K23 players convinced dunking mechanics are “broken”

According to Reddit user SuperMo18, dunks in NBA 2K23 have been in a state of disrepair for roughly a week. The Redditor notes that some seem to think it’s a matter of others simply making “bad decisions.”

Yet, the player’s stats, which include a 99 dunk rating, suggest the mechanic shouldn’t be too much of a problem for them.

Fellow NBA 2K players have noticed a similar problem of late. One person responded to the thread with the following: “For real, went from dunk contest levels to not being able to dunk at all.”

Another regular user said they’ve been missing one or two dunks per game, even when no one’s contending the attempt.

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“This is by far the worst thing they’ve done with a patch since the game has come out,” said someone else.

It’s currently unclear if developer Visual Concepts is aware of the issue. Thus, there’s no telling if or when NBA 2K23’s dunking problems will be balanced in a patch.