NBA 2K23 players infuriated with close shot nerf

nba 2k23 close shot nerf2K Games

NBA 2K23 players are frustrated with a close shot nerf that makes great scorers miss the easiest close-range baskets.

Lately, NBA 2K23 users have encountered several relatively small issues that lead to major problems under the right circumstances.

Following a recent buff to blocking, for example, fans noticed issues with hands-up defense in NBA 2K23. Users who frequent the Rec Center called the mechanic “broken” and begged for an emergency patch.

Now it appears the latest in-game fixes may have done more harm than good, resulting in a nerf that even makes layups difficult to score.

NBA 2K23 close shot nerf dismantles inside scoring

Despite recent patch notes making no mention of the matter, NBA 2K23 players believe inside scoring has been nerfed “hard.”

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Reddit user OnlyFAANG called attention to the presumed nerf in a thread, in which they noted their “paint beast’s” inability to make layups in the Rec Center.

“It changed around the weekend. Probably when they fixed the uniforms,” the Redditor added. Several other users chimed in to say they, too, have encountered issues with inside scouring in the last few days.

In addition to Rec, short-range shots have become difficult to hit in Pro-Am and MyLeague, as well. “It’s happening to me in pro-am too my big is unplayable rn,” another user added to the chorus.

Many in the thread believe the close shot nerf and others like it stem from NBA 2K23 developers “going too far” when fixing known issues.

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One Redditor referenced how a patch for glitched steals resulted in defenders with poor ball-handling skills becoming impossible to steal from.

Suffice it to say, some NBA 2K23 players may feel a bit weary the next time 2K and Visual Concepts roll out a new patch.