NBA 2K23 players fed up with layup errors “ruining big men”

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As NBA 2K23 continues to experience insider scoring issues, players have become frustrated with the game ruining big men in the paint.

Since January, NBA 2K23 players have reported gameplay-related troubles related to defense and inside scoring.

It seems the launch of Season 4 exacerbated the matter, as players with high-rated big men found themselves unable to land simple dunks. The problem persisted even after developer Visual Concepts issued a hotfix addressing the dunking bug.

Now yet another hiccup has bubbled to the surface, with 2K23 users lodging complaints about their Centers’ inability to score near the basket.

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NBA 2K23’s big men made ineffective due to broken scoring

“2K ruined big men,” wrote Reddit user iivarsityii who shared a clip of their own big man missing a simple layup in 2K23’s Rec Center.

Other Redditors noted it may be an error related to scoring when beneath the basket. Instead of going for, say, a quick dunk, the game forces players into an unintended reverse layup that doesn’t go in.

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According to one user, “There’s definitely an issue when you are close to the hoop where it triggers those weird ass under-the-basket layups. It’s basically an automatic miss if [there are] any defenders around.”

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Some think the big men issue featured above counts as only one part of this particular NBA 2K23 problem. Said another player, “Reverse lay-up animations are a whole other issue entirely. They’re broken and basically, make baseline drives useless.”

Understandably, players have heavily critiqued the basketball sim since it hit store shelves late last year. Everything from its microtransactions to game-breaking glitches has been called into question.

However, it appears NBA 2K23 won’t be free from such concerns anytime soon.

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