NBA 2K22 player discovers unstoppable travel glitch in viral TikTok

Connor Knudsen
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A viral NBA 2K22 TikTok has unearthed a glitch that will totally throw off opponents, allowing your player to travel penalty-free. 

NBA 2K22 is full of tips and tricks for players to get the most out of their created players, usually through careful builds and badge allocation.

But, to be a skilled player, you also have to have good game sense and basketball IQ. Or… you can simply use a glitch that allows you to travel.

Here’s more on how the glitch operates and how to counter players that are using the exploit to destroy their opponents 1-on-1.

NBA 2K22 travel glitch

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Your opponents will be left stunned after you pull off this glitch.

Basketball rules prevent players from taking more than two steps with the ball once they’ve picked up their dribble. The same rule applies in 2K22, typically.

One TikTok user has found a workaround for taking more than two steps after picking up the ball, and it’s been throwing off their opponents ever since.

After just one day after being uploaded, the video showing off the glitch has over 330,000 views and 33,000 likes.

With numbers like that, hoopers need to be on the lookout for the glitch and know what they can best do to counter it.

Players will hit X/Square to initiate a shot, then they’ll double top Y/Triangle in order to pull off the tricky glitch.

Doing so will cause their player to collect the ball, hop, then start running to take a shot afterward, taking several steps in the process.

From what we can tell, the glitch only works on the 1-on-1 courts, so if you’re not typically playing there then it shouldn’t be an issue. Consequently, if you’re worried about it causing you some losses, just steer clear of those for the time being.

So far, devs have not responded to the issue, but we will provide updates in the event that they do.