NBA 2K22 players fed up with game’s unrealistic meta: ‘2K is not for real hoopers’

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NBA 2K22 players have rallied together to call out the game’s ‘boring and unrealistic’ meta saying: “2K is not for real hoopers.” Do they have a point?

The 2K Games basketball franchise has produced some amazing games over the years, with NBA 2K22 being no exception.

Players return time and time again to explore the MyCareer mode, build a great player, and test out their skills against others doing the same.

But, as the years have gone on, a certain meta has developed in the game that some feel is not true to the actual sport. It’s come to a point that many are fed up with the state of the game and are asking for changes.

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NBA 2K22 players want the game to feel more real

how to get free vc in nba 2k222K Games
For a lot of 2K players out there, they feel like cash is king for developers, not the quality of gameplay.

NBA 2K22 is a game that has become all about the build for your created player, getting badges and stats to line up perfectly in order to make the game feel almost like a science.

These badges allow players to shoot unreal percentages from deep, steal the ball in a wild fashion, and pull of other inhuman plays.

While doing so can be fun in the moment, some players feel like the game has gone too far, leaving the real hoopers in the dust.

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One player took to the game’s subreddit to discuss this and several others immediately came in to chip in their two cents.

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In the post titled, “2K is not for real hoopers” the player went on to describe their frustrations with the game:

“They don’t reward creativity. I can’t even blame the community that much for just wanting to jack threes, have the same flat-footed jumper, and copying each other’s badge load outs when 2k will let you go 20/25 from three every game… It just makes me sick there’s no individuality almost every player/team plays the same.”

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nba 2k22 steph curry2K Games
The popular Demi-God build has been made to have dribbles like Kyrie and shooting like Steph, so it’s no wonder players gravitate towards it.

Many in the comments point to the developer’s disproportionate care for bling and microtransactions as the problem for this state of the game.

“2k’s about sucking every dollar they can through microtransactions. They’re more worried about ‘bling’ than the state of the game. The game’s been unplayable for years,” wrote one in the comments.

Many have found and replicated a build referred to as the Demi-God that has run rampant through 2K22, so, maybe these players have a point?

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But, in the face of such a lopsided meta and with players having already spent the extra money to achieve these builds, what can be done from here? That much is up to devs.

We’ll continue to track this ongoing conversation and will provide any updates or patch notes that come through.

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