Perfect NBA 2K22 foul strategy gives players easy wins

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An NBA 2K22 player has found a foul strategy that will not only get you some easy wins in The Rec, but will also make your opponents have to totally change their strategy.

NBA 2K22’s Season 3 is underway, celebrating the Winter season with some chilly new gameplay features and content for players to try out.

With a new season comes all-new strategies and ways to snag those W’s in the game’s many different modes.

For MyCareer’s Rec games, in particular, one player has found a solid foul strategy that will take the opposing team completely by surprise, and maybe even lead to some easy W’s.

NBA 2K22 foul strategy for The Rec

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If you can’t beat ’em, foul ’em!

The Rec is one of the truest forms of organized basketball in NBA 2K22, as opposed to the more pickup style of Park games. This means that fouling and good game sense can come much more in handy for players that understand the game at a high level.

One player has taken this to the next level, capitalizing off of an opponent who clearly spends most of their time in the Park.

These players, because of the Park’s rules, have no need for upgrading their free throw stat, instead opting to use those points for extra shooting or defense. But, in the Rec, free throws are very much a part of the game.

That means that intentional fouling can be your best friend, as seen in the Reddit post below.

This strategy exists in the NBA too. “Hack-a-Shaq” was a classic strategy employed by teams going up against the Lakers in the ’90s and 2000s where opposing teams would intentionally foul Shaquille O’Neal due to his poor free throw percentage.

So, while this player hasn’t discovered something revolutionary here, it is a good example of how using real-life basketball IQ can help you to play better.

For players like this, The Rec truly is one of the game’s best options next to Pro-Am.

Next time you find yourself against a purely Park player in the Rec with a free throw stat like Shaq’s, it might be time to teach them a lesson and make them prove it at the line.