Kanye West responds to Adin Ross’ apology over Kick comments

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Kanye West performing at a concert

Kanye West responded to Adin Ross’ apology over misconstrued Kick and Stake comments.

It’s well known that Adin Ross wants Kanye West on his Kick stream one of these days. Initially, a collaboration was expected back in 2022, but the stream was canceled due to “hate speech” on West’s part. Ross revived the topic in the summer of 2023 hoping West’s presence would resurrect his streaming career.

In early 2024, Ross brought up the idea again, this time claiming he had money to pay Ye for an appearance. The phrasing made it seem as though no brands wanted to work with the rapper.

Ross later clarified and apologized for the wording. “Nobody is throwing money to anyone these days. Except for Kick. That’s all I meant,” he said.

Kanye West performing in concert
Kany performs in concert

Kanye West visibly relieved over Adin Ross apology

On an episode of Big Boy TV, Kanye West responded to the apology after going on a “f**k you” rant on Instagram.

“That’s the exhale. ‘I would like to thank…’ I ain’t thankful,” he said. “It’s f**k everyone!”

He then addressed Adin Ross’ apology. “You know what’s so cool about that… cause Adin Ross had to apologize,” he said. “I was like two months from bankruptcy from hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“[It was] like how people was taking Mike’s money. Michael Tyson. Michael Jackson. Celebrities, press, whatever. You’ve got new employees; you gotta do all that,” he continued. “And we cleaning all them employees up, doing industry standards, industry rates.”

Ye then brought up how he was able to rebound. “I got my Shopify account right. Then we did the Super Bowl,” he added. “And the fact that I was able to show factual $19.3 million a sale in one day…”

Following Kanye West’s “zero budget” Super Bowl commercial, the rapper raked in $19.3 million in sales in one day. He sold various shirts and pants on his website for just $20 a pop, proving he remains a commercial powerhouse.