Kanye West reignites Drake beef after ‘Carnival’ goes No. 1

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Kanye West performing onstage at a concert

Kanye West posted a lengthy tirade on Instagram in which he slammed Drake for “taking” Lil Durk away from Vultures album rollout.

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. His entire Vultures rollout has been buried in rapper beef after rapper beef.

From Nicki Minaj rejecting a request to clear a song to several album postponements, Vultures has seen a rocky promotional cycle. But despite it all, Kanye West enjoyed a No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 for ‘Carnival.’

Amid such success, Ye stirred the pot on Instagram and slammed Drake for stealing Lil Durk away from the Vultures rollout back in February 2024.

Kanye West performing in concert
Kany performs in concert

Kanye West slammed Drake for “taking” Lil Durk

In a lengthy, now-deleted Instagram post, Kanye West first celebrated his song’s success. “Rich Ty Carti and the supports that stood by us through everything, this #1 is for you. It’s for the people that won’t be manipulated by the system,” he began.

West then launched into a rant, bashing everyone from Daily Mail and Adidas, which was accused of selling “fake” Yeezys, to Hailey Beiber and Drake. “F**k Adidas and everybody who works there or with them,” he continued. “Anyone who goes to school with anyone who’s parents work at Adidas, just know they tried to destroy me…”

Regarding the Drake beef, West slammed the rapper for “taking” Lil Durk away “right at the beginning of the Vultures roll out,” he said, thus reigniting their longstanding feud. “I’ll come back to ya’ll if I think of more f**k you’s,” he added.

Lil Durk recorded a verse for Kanye West’s ‘Vultures,’ but it was then cut. Due to fan outcry, a new version landed in November 2023 and was later part of a Vultures Pack. The Lil Durk-starring version doesn’t appear on the actual Vultures album release, and the rapper has been noticeably absent from West’s album listening parties.