Kanye West’s “zero budget” Super Bowl commercial called ‘goated’ by fans

Rishabh Sabarwal
Kanye's Superbowl ad about YeezysKanye West

Kanye West’s zero-budget Super Bowl commercial has been coined as goated by fans and is going viral on social media. Here’s why.

Amidst global television viewership, Super Bowl LVIII was recently concluded with the Kansas City Chiefs hoisting the prestigious NFL trophy. Given that the Super Bowl signifies the culmination of the American football season and is among the most momentous occasions of the year, numerous artists, product brands, and films conserve their most impressive work for broadcast on television in the form of Big Game Spot commercials.

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Additionally, this year, Marvel Studios unveiled the teaser trailer for the upcoming Deadpool film, Ben Affleck went berserk in a Dunkin’ commercial, and a great deal more was disclosed. A preposterous commercial directed by Kanye West (Ye) with a “zero budget” was among those that captured the attention of millions.

Still from Deadpool 3 and WickedDisney/Universal Pictures
Super Bowl LVIII’s commercial spot was full of new teasers and ads.

The commercial deviated so drastically from its intended course that individuals were unable to distinguish it from a legitimate advertisement, consequently, Ye’s supporters referred to it as “goated.” Here’s the reason why.

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Kanye West’s Yeezy Super Bowl ad termed “goated” by fans

While numerous brands allocate millions of dollars towards the production of a 30-second commercial spot for the Super Bowl, Kanye West demonstrated his marketing prowess to the world in the exact contrary manner.

The commercial consists primarily of Ye vlogging the audience about how they had no money left to invest in the actual commercial after spending all of their money securing the commercial spot.

He then went on to say, “But the idea is I want you to go to Yeezy.com”, then spelled it all out and continued, “and imma write it at the bottom of the screen and I got some shoes and – – mmmm – – that’s it.” The commercial then cuts to black.

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The commercial’s production value appeared to be exceedingly low because Ye was sitting in the car in the dark and filming it using his phone’s selfie camera. Looking at the commercial, several viewers assumed it had not been aired. However, many who saw it responded with remarks.

One such fan said, “Greatest commercial of all time, better than the Super Bowl as well.” Another chimed in, “Genius never goes out of style.” A third fan added, “Goated.”

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A fourth fan responded, “Kanye West’s Super Bowl commercial showcases his creativity and impact.”

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