MultiVersus mods reportedly banned by Warner Bros.

Andrew Highton
batman looking at hand in multiversus

Popular fighting game MultiVersus has had quite a few run-ins with modding since the game was made available to play, but it seems Warner Bros. has finally taken exception to this.

The launch of MultiVersus Season 1 has seen the game reach new heights in terms of its player count and popularity as fresh content has been introduced and new characters are on the way in Rick and Morty.

Some things are still being figured out about the game such as gameplay balancing and the best Perks for everyone to use.

But one contentious issue has been the concept of modding which has seen the bizarre likes of Breaking Bad’s legendary Gus Fring become a playable character. However, it appears that Warner Bros. has finally put its foot down and said enough is enough.

Modding in MultiVersus breaks the game

Any game that can appear on PC has the potential to be modded and it didn’t take MultiVersus long to become a victim of it.

The game’s director has even confirmed in the past that tampering with the game can lead to bans and expulsion if you play with mods enabled.

Now, a modder has declared that if you attempt to play MultiVersus with any kind of mod installed, your copy of the game “will no longer boot up” as “they [Warner Bros.] killed modding of any kind.”

It makes sense for the company as mods mean that Warner Bros. will likely be losing out on potential money either through players enjoying using the modded characters and not wanting to pay money for official ones, or there’s always the possibility of the modded characters becoming DLC characters at some point themselves.

The modding community only makes up a small portion of any gaming fanbase, but it will be interesting to see if there’s any resistance to this supposed ban and if the no tolerance policy on modding is altered in the future.