MultiVersus creator addresses balancing issues: “It’s just going to take time”

Eleni Thomas
MultiVersus balancing issues

Player First Games have addressed balancing issues in MultiVersus in light of the developers facing backlash from the community over these problems. CEO Tony Huyhn said “it’s just going to take time” to get things right.

Player First Games co-founder and CEO Tony Huynh recently appeared on the Level 857 podcast, the panel of co-hosts chatting with the MultiVersus dev about the success of the game, new characters, and what fans can expect the future of the game to look like.

One of the main talking points from the interview was about the balancing issues MultiVersus faces when looking at how some characters compare to others. Many players have highlighted how characters such as Finn, Batman and even Velma have overpowered kits compared to others.

When discussing this issue on the podcast, Huynh made it clear it’s something he and the rest of Player First Games are working on, but that players will need to be patient.

“Balancing is gonna be hard. It is what it is. It’s just going to take time and the game will be more stable and that’s kind of it. That’s the work we’re pushing towards.”

However, Huynh appears confident that these issues will be sorted out soon, highlighting how “the good thing is I think there is a clear path and a lot of that comes from the community and understanding where the pain is coming from.”

However, the CEO did share that balancing in MultiVersus won’t mean that every player has the same power level and perks as each other and that in order for a game to succeed it doesn’t need to be “fully balanced.”

“You just need it to be fun to play and that is where my balancing philosophy comes from. It’s actually a much easier job if you think about it that way than trying to find true balance. The thing is you want stuff to be strong. Like certain attacks should be strong if it’s central to the character. You want it to be strong so the character comes across as something to be feared and that should be true of all the characters.

Huynh did round out the conversation topic by expressing that he has “a lot of confidence that over time we will get there.”

Season 1 for MultiVersus has just dropped, with new character Rick and Morty being added to the game as part of this new season. Other characters like Black Adam and Stripe have also been confirmed to be coming to MultiVersus. Multiple leaks also hint that many other characters, such as Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch of the West, are also being worked on.

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