MultiVersus streamers risk Twitch bans by playing with mods

Bill Cooney

Some Twitch streamers playing the new hit fighting game Multiversus with mods have been getting strikes against their accounts, and want to know what the rules regarding them are.

Multiversus is the hit new fighting game of 2022 featuring fighters from the Warner Brothers properties, and on PC it didn’t take long for mods to start popping up.

There are tons already, offering new skins for fighters and more, but some streamers using them on broadcast have been copyright struck for doing so.

On August 8, Multiversus game director Tony Huynh responded to streamer Redshell, who tweeted at him wondering why his Twitch account had been copyright struck.

Huynh responded that it was because he was using a modded client, but Redshell then pointed out that the top streamer in the Multiversus category on Twitch was using mods as well.

Redshell was only using a mod to change the loading screen to Breaking Bad, while others were actually using skin mods.

In response, Huynh said he would “have a deeper discussion about what’s going on with the team that manages this,” and let Redshell know after.

At the time of writing Huynh still hasn’t clarified which mods are allowed and which ones aren’t, if any.

So, if you’re planning on streaming Multiversus, it might be wise to hold off on the modded content until you’re playing off-stream, just to be safe.

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