How to get new Shield skins in Monopoly Go

Aakash Regmi
three different shields in Monopoly Go

Wondering how to get the many different variants of Shield in Monopoly Go? Here’s all you need to know about acquiring new skins for your Shields in the game. 

Shutdowns are fairly common in Monopoly Go, so whenever you’re away, many will try to run down your Landmarks to fill their pockets.

If you’re to protect your empire, you’ll need to shield up. While regular Shields work the same as flashier ones, it isn’t always about protection, sometimes it is about making a statement. But how do you earn cool-looking Shields in the game? Here are the many ways you can earn them in Monopoly Go.

How to get Shield skins in Monopoly Go

You can get Shield skins in Monopoly Go by playing different events and other activities. Like the now-ended Martian Mysteries had “Martian Runes Shield” as a reward after reaching Milestone Level 11. Here is the list of activities that can net you new shields:

  • Main Events
  • Tournaments
  • Albums
  • Quick Wins

Remember, these activities are where you’ll usually find new Shields, but it is not guaranteed that every one of the said activities will feature them all the time. 

You can check your collection in the “Showroom” by clicking on three lines top-right of your screen. This is also where you can switch between the different Shield skins you have.

Shield menu in Monopoly Go
The base shield, Defender, is already unlocked, and the rest will be added here as you earn them.

All Shields skins in Monopoly Go

Here is the list of all the different Shields that have been featured in Monopoly Go so far and how you can earn them (thanks, Fandom).

  • 1st Birthday Cake: Top 5 in the Billions Dash Tournament.
  • Anniversary Elegance: Level 12 in the Anniversary Treasures event.
  • Armor Up: Top place during the Barrel Race tournament.
  • Cha-Ching PEG-E: Top place during the Dot Com Dash tournament.
  • Choco Heart: Top place during the Bouquet Builders tournament.
  • Celtic Knot: Top place during the Horseshoe Games tournament.
  • Cozy Sweater: Top place during the Xmas Sweater Contest tournament.
  • Cranberry Splat: Top place during the Turkey Race tournament.
  • Disco Ball: Top place during the Fireworks Frenzy tournament.
  • Easter Egg: Top place during the Easter Egg Hunt tournament.
  • Electric Company: Completing the Utility Fun sticker set for the prestige of Monopoly Origins sticker album.
  • Ghost: Top place during the Ghost Chase tournament.
  • Go!: Prize Drop event.
  • Golden Merry Spruce: Completing the Nutcracker Dreams sticker set for the prestige of Heartfelt Holidays sticker album.
  • Golden Vintage Turntable: Completing the prestige Boy Band sticker set for the Making Music sticker album.
  • Heroic Red: Purchasing the Games for Red sale.
  • Ice Cream Cone: Free to claim during Monopoly Go’s first anniversary.
  • Jungle Tablet: Level 13 of the Jungle Treasures event.
  • Martian Runes: Level 12 in the Martian Treasures event.
  • Masquerade Scottie: Top place during the Masquerade Madness tournament.
  • Merry Spruce: Completing the Santa’s Workshop sticker set for the Heartfelt Holidays sticker album.
  • Mr. M Spartan: Top place during the Nessie’s Quest tournament.
  • Mr. M Vintage: Completing the Quick Wins bar.
  • Ms. Monopoly: Top place during the Empowering Quest tournament.
  • Neon Nights: Moon Walkers event.
  • Peg-E: Top place during the Martian Mysteries tournament.
  • Pink Heart: Top place during the Oktoberfest Contest tournament.
  • Rocket Blast: Top place during the Skyscraper’s Blast Off tournament.
  • Rudolph: Top place during the Reindeer Gallop tournament.
  • Santa: Top place during the Mistletoe tournament.
  • Saharan Sapphire: Level 12 of the Sunset Treasures event.
  • Scorpion: Level 10 of the Egyptian Treasures event.
  • Ship’s Wheel Shield: Level 8 in the Sunken Treasures event.
  • Snowflake: Top place during the Santa’s Sprint tournament.
  • Snowman: Top place during the Snowman Contest tournament.
  • Space Capsule: Level 13 of the Galactic Treasures event.
  • Spring Forest: Level 12 of the Spring Treasures event.
  • Superstar: Top place during the Pretzel Party tournament.
  • Uncle Scottie: Top 5 in the Memorial Marathon tournament.
  • Vintage Turntable: Completing the Boy Band sticker set for the Making Music sticker album.
  • Water Works: Completing the Card Quest sticker set for the Monopoly Origins sticker album.
  • Winter Champion: Top place during the Speedster tournament.

Remember, these are just skins for the shield and provide no additional gameplay benefit over the basic one.

How to replenish Shield in Monopoly Go

Whether it is a standard Defender or a Peg-E Shield in Monopoly Go, they all replenish the same way, which is when you land on a tile that has them

Shields in Monopoly Go explained

Shield in Monopoly Go will protect your Landmark whenever other players attack it through Shutdowns. If you do not have them and someone hurts your Landmark, you’ll have to repair it. Shields will be consumed once they have protected your Landmark from an attack.

That’s everything about Shields in Monopoly Go. For more on the game, check out the event schedule as well as all the free dice links. We update them daily, so you can bookmark them and visit again for the latest.