How many Net Worth levels are there in Monopoly Go

Aakash Regmi
Mr Monopoly in Monopoly Go

Wondering whether Monopoly Go ever hits its full stop? Here are all the details on the max level and how many boards you can roll your dice on. 

For a tycoon, becoming rich is only a start in Monopoly Go, as the endgame is hoarding as much wealth as you can. Mr. Monopoly has never asked you to slow down. The old man, in fact, keeps bringing new events and opportunities to earn wealth and expand your empire.

But how far can we really go in terms of level? Here is everything you need to know about the potential end of Monopoly Go.   

What is the maximum Net Worth level in Monopoly Go?

There is no max level in Monopoly Go, as the number keeps increasing the more you progress. You can head to the Leaderboard from your “Freinds” tab and see the maximum level a player has reached in the Global column. 

The number you see there will no doubt be a lot, and it’ll keep on increasing. Players have already surpassed five-digit numbers. The highest possible level could be 999,999 or 999,999 million, or even 999,999 billion. Who knows? Well, Scopely does but they’ve yet to drop a hint.

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There is no end to Monopoly Go!

If we go by traditional Monopoly Rules, one would “win” the game if all other players on the board or lobby went bankrupt. While in Monopoly Go players can get bankrupt with zero cash in hand, you can quickly get back to your feet again by playing as usual. No auctions or anything. It is a live-service game, so being never-ending makes sense.

All Monopoly Go Net Worth bonus

While there is no limit to a player’s Net Worth level, new bonuses will stop being added at level 3,700. After this, existing bonuses will get upgrades as players continue to climb in Net Worth. They can even earn dice rolls alongside upgrades for certain levels. Below are all the bonuses currently available in Monopoly GO, and the level they unlock at.

  • 5: Auto-Roll
  • 10: Rent Targets
  • 15: Albums
  • 25: Daily Gifts
  • 45: Roll Capacity
  • 60: Go! Tile
  • 75: Rent Target Upgrade
  • 120: Roll Regeneration
  • 140: Bank Heist Upgrade
  • 160: Shields Upgrade
  • 180: Properties Upgrade
  • 300: Chance Cards Upgrade
  • 400: Stickers for Rewards
  • 450: Daily Treats Increase
  • 500: Shutdown
  • 700: Rent
  • 1,400: Stickers for Rewards
  • 3,700: Utilities

How many Boards are there in Monopoly Go

Like levels, we do not know how many boards there are in Monopoly Go.

If you go to the map menu, by clicking the three lines on the top right and then “Map,” you can also scroll ahead until a certain number of maps, but that’s not the end. They’re rehashed later to pump the number up, and much will start to feel repetitive.

This means your stay in Monopoly Go will last as long as you want as long as you don’t get burned out. Make your stay a bit better by checking out our guides for the latest dice rolls and events.

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